by Choking//Hand

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1. Dead Earth
2. Born 2 Lose
3. Strain of Retards
4. vO)))id
5. Anxiety


released February 17, 2016

Recorded by Rigby

Picture by Alice Snow

Music and Lyrics by Rigby

Track 4 lyrics by Cristo (Los Mongos)



all rights reserved


Mad Wizard's Tower Puerto Rico

Small none patent label for Punk, Black Metal, Sludge and Experimental Music

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Track Name: C//H-DEMO2016
1. Dead Earth
Apocalyptic companies deciding on our fate selling cancer like cocaine cheaper than a dying hooker depression is a fashion politics are religion face it we are going to die everything is fucking dead the soil is dried as fuck we eat each other clean from starving on our own fault water filled with diseases our kids born to suffer on a dying earth that we made possible.

2. Born 2 Lose
Born to lose fed of hate scum of life living a lie die alone worthless man stuck up work such is life.

3. Strain of Retards
The dawn of modern age the birth of trends feed of media trash ain't that fucking great let's all be fucking cool and worship Kanye West then listen to Coldplay let's go to fucking waste Donald Trump for GOD Obama is not our friend Let's all play with guns and wipe our ass with humanity the brilliance of today our youth is fucking great thinking with nothing to think out future has been set.

4. vO)))id
bleg bleg bleg bleeeg bleg bleg beeeg

5. Anxiety
I can't breath i can't think my heart wants to burst off my chest just thinking of life and it's bullshit prisoner of my brain passing time on how to kill myself waiting for the perfect moment to burst out off my shell